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My Approach

I have a flexible approach that focuses on your needs. Casual, formal, anywhere in between. I love to sit with people and hear their vision for their photography project and help them build up a set of photos to bring their vision to life.

I believe in offering reasonable rates for personal and business pictures. My rates include all shooting and editing time. Contact me for information on pricing.

Our Story

Meet Cathy

Born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, I grew up with varied interests which led to teaching. After teaching Middle School for 15 years, I made a shift when my son was born. As a new mom, it was natural to pick up my camera to capture the fleeting moments with a young child.

Soon, photography became a passion for me. Our family was on the move many times in my son's young life... we lived in Montreal, New York City, and Frankfurt, Germany before coming full circle back to Burlington, Ontario.


Cathy Koop

Loving life as a mom, wife, photographer, and artist.

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I'd love to hear about your project or event and help you get the photos that will meet your needs and preserve your memories.